About Lanavitta


The history of the Lanavitta brand is filled with warm wind, slender cypress trees and Italian traditions.

It is also reinforced by our old dream to organize the production of natural plaids in Ukraine. This dream came true in 2018 with the establishment in the city of Sumy of modern production of plaids equipped with original Italian equipment.

Today Lanavitta is a plaid producer which has a conscious attitude to natural resources as one of the main principles of its work. We stand for the harmonious coexistence of human and nature. Our plaids, scarves and bedspreads live long life full of adventures. After the end of their usage they can be recycled and used as raw materials for new wool products.

We control all stages of production so that our plaids, bedspreads and scarves please you for as long as possible.



Our products are made of high quality wool, cashmere and cotton. The basis of our production is wool which has self-cleaning and antibacterial qualities.

Environmental friendliness

We maintain conscious attitude to natural resources, so our products are recyclable and eco-friendly. Besides, our blankets are partly made of secondary raw materials – wool which is obtained by processing second-hand items.


The Lanavitta brand was created for people who appreciate comfort but miss without adventures. We are sure that the most interesting thing starts outside the comfort zone. So, wherever you are, high in the mountains or at home on the couch, a warm Lanavitta plaid will always warm you.

Lanavitta is a Ukrainian plaid producer that creates in its product design color aesthetics of our native nature, interesting natural combinations and patterns.

Our boucle plaids are made using the original technology which is the only one in Ukraine. Their elegant texture and light volume make them warmer and more comfortable. And the fact that in their composition they combine wool with silk, makes them very light and soft to touch.

Lanavitta plaids are created for real rebels. For those who set their own rules in any situation and are not afraid to be themselves. And for those who like to travel either in their hometown or to the edge of the world. The Lanavitta plaid not only warms you but helps to open interesting places and conquer new tops without leaving your comfort zone. Isn’t it cool? So, just know that with our plaid you can afford more.

Lanavitta was created to improve your mood. For this purpose it even has its own ambassadors. Lanavitta sheep do not like to be bored and are always ready to travel. Our sheep are constantly inventing something, so follow them on the page @ IapauiPa.uuooI and rebel against prosy everyday life with Lanavitta plaids.