Club Lanavitta


Lanavitta Club is
a community of people who value comfort but can not live without adventures.

They can suddenly get out of their apartment, taking their favorite Lanavitta blanket with them, just to watch the sunset from the river bank. Or have a picnic with friends, spreading soft blankets just on the roof of their house to see the full moon up close. Or go on a journey without a clearly planned route, loading into the old car trunk a few warm plaids for cool evenings outside.

Members of the Lanavitta club are romantics and rebels who admire the beauty of nature, preserve it and choose life in the eco style.

If it's all about you, join us! Just create an account on our site and then instantly join the ranks of the Lanavitta club. Lanavitta plaids will make your adventures as comfortable as possible.

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