Lanavitta -

Lanavitta plaids are created in Ukraine by talented Ukrainian craftsmen exclusively on Italian equipment and using Italian production technologies which ensures their high quality. They are made of wool, cashmere and cotton - materials created by nature itself. Modern latest materials are added to certain types of plaids in order to provide them with practicality and convenience.

Thanks to a unique production technology that makes cotton as warm as wool, we have developed a separate series of bedspreads which are soooo pleasant and soft to touch. Our plaids are not only about love at first sight, they are also about love at first touch.

The wool used in the production of Lanavitta plaids is a truly unique material as it not only gives you warmth and tenderness but it also has self-cleaning, hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities.


Lanavitta products

Under the Lanavitta brand, beautiful and comfortable plaids, bedspreads and scarves are created. In the production of its goods Lanavitta combines Ukrainian traditions with Italian quality standards. We are constantly updating the range of our products depending on the season and the latest fashion trends. The production is based on high quality wool and cotton.

All plaids, bedspreads and scarves of our brand are eco-friendly as they are recyclable and reusable.





Lanavitta plaid is warm, strong, reliable and lives with you a long life, full of adventures and important events. It shares with you the joy of friendly meetings, the romance of traveling to distant lands, admiration for beautiful landscapes. It not only creates comfort at home but also calls for new adventures and asks you to be taken to the places you haven’t been before. So take this warmth with you and move forward to new adventures!

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