Умови користування сайтом Політика конфіденційності

1. Terms and definitions

For the purposes of the data "Terms of use of the website" the following terms are used:

1.1. "Company" means https://lanavitta.com/.

1.2. "User" means any person who uses the Company's website https://lanavitta.com/ in any way, including visiting the Company's website.

1.3. "Site" means a set of information, texts, graphics, design, images, photos and videos and other results of intellectual activity, as well as computer programs contained in the information system that ensures the availability of such information on the Internet at the network address: https://lanavitta.com/.

1.4. "Rules" mean these Terms of Use.

1.5. "Parties" mean a User and the Company.

2. Obligation and change of Rules

2.1. By visiting the website https://lanavitta.com/, the User agrees to the following terms of use:

Access to and use of the website https://lanavitta.com/, as well as the services and software offered (hereinafter - the "Site") are regulated by these terms of use (hereinafter - the "Terms of Use"), as well as current legislation of Ukraine.

2.2. If the User does not agree with these Terms of Use and does not accept them in full without any exceptions and reservations, we ask him (the User) to leave the website https://lanavitta.com/.

2.3. The Parties agree that the Rules may be amended by the Company unilaterally by posting an updated text of the Rules on the Internet at: https://lanavitta.com/terms/.

The User confirms his consent to changes in the terms of the Rules by using the Site. In case of disagreement with the changed version of the Rules, the User terminates the use of the Site. By using the Site, the User agrees that the Company has the right to transfer its rights and obligations under the Rules to any third parties.

3. Purpose of the Site

3.1. The content presented on the Site contains materials and information about the Company's work which the User can get acquainted with by visiting the Company's Site.

4. The procedure for using the Site

4.1. The User is obliged to read the current version of the Rules at the beginning of using the Site.

4.2. When using the Site it is forbidden:

4.2.1. Violate the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine in any way

4.2.2. Deliberately distribute various viruses, defective programs, Trojans, corrupted files, hoaxes, and any other elements of a destructive or misleading nature

4.2.3. Make any attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part or function of the Site or any network connected to the Site

4.2.3. Use any devices, programs and processes to interfere or attempt to interfere into the normal operation of the Site, as well as in any operations that are carried out on the Site, or while using the Site by any other person.

4.2.6. Carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other persons.

4.3. No textual information posted on the Site may be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used in whole or in part without the prior written permission of the Company.

4.4. The Company has the right to delete or restrict access to any information posted on the Site without prior notice to the User and without explanation.

4.5. The Company has the right to block access of any User to the Site without prior notice of the User and without explanation.

5. Intellectual property

5.1. The site contains information, including reports, data, applications, special offers, photographs, graphics, texts, images, logos, badges, images, software, trademarks, copyrights, other intellectual property rights and protected rights and other materials, owned by the Company.

5.2. By using the Site, the User acknowledges and agrees that all Content and structure of the Content are protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights which are in force in Ukraine, Europe and other countries, and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms on all media and in relation to all technologies, both currently existing and developed or created later. No rights to any Content of the Site, including but not limited to logos and other marks, are transferred to the User as a result of using the Site, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.

5.3. Without any harm to the universal nature of the above provisions, the User acknowledges that the Site contains trademarks, products, services, brand names, logos, intellectual property rights, protected rights and other third party materials, and that such rights belong to the corresponding owners. The user is prohibited from copying, modifying, modifying, deleting, supplementing, publishing, transferring such exclusive and personal non-proprietary rights of third parties, creating derivative works, making or selling products based on them, reproducing, displaying or in any other way exploiting or use such rights of third parties without the direct permission of their owners.

6. Responsibility

6.1. The Company is not liable to anyone for any direct or indirect, actual damages (loss), including lost profits, as a result of using the Site or as a result of not being able to use it, even if the company has been warned of the possibility of such damages.

6.2. The Company is not responsible for the operation of the Site and does not guarantee its uninterrupted operation.

7. Dispute resolution

7.1. Issues arising from the use of the Site are regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. Disputes are resolved on the basis of the legislation of Ukraine.